It’s time we behaved a bit more like scientists, and a little less like artists. Our workspaces need to become labs, rather than studios. They need to be more experimental, rather than definitive, with our work, recognising the importance of failure in getting smarter and closer to solutions.

We need to become less precious about reaching ‘perfection’ before we share our work with the world, and more concerned with finding the smartest way to arrive at the best result. But above all, we need to get fast. Because the longer we spend being slow (and thus expensive), the sooner we will be replaced by a free web app that makes creating advertising as easy as creating a product in your bedroom.

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Our memories are slippery things. The brain [well the conscious mind anyway] forgets, well, pretty much everything, except salient elements to the narratives it creates for us, but it creates an illusion of continuous verisimiltude. This is similar to how our eyes seem like they are seeing a direct stream of reality, when really they are filtering out a lot of information, and filling in gaps.

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I deny that the big shop is the best shop; and I especially deny that people go there because it is the best shop.

Twice in my life has an editor told me in so many words that he dared not print what I had written, because it would offend the advertisers in his paper. The presence of such pressure exists everywhere in a more silent and subtle form. But I have a great respect for the honesty of this particular editor; for it was, evidently as near to complete honesty as the editor of an important weekly magazine can possibly go. He told the truth about the falsehood he had to tell.

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