Head Chef and Olympic champion, Kari Innerå, asked Pocket to partake in creating the restaurant and its name – building it into a multifaceted brand experience. Our goal was to encompass freshness and purity from the Nordic tasting palette with a historic footprint and the gastronomy. The core identity was inspired by the location [Bygdøy Allé], the iconic street signs of Oslo and the raw produce. The colours are based on the seasons and typography is rooted in our history.

Since launch in August 2015, it has been fully booked. In addition, BA53 has been nominated as one of the best restaurants in Norway and is regularly featured in magazine and newspaper.

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Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roastery, an espresso bar and a coffee resource and training centre located in Grünerløkka, Norway. Their goal is to be the best coffee roasters and espresso bars in the world and to be a preferred source for quality coffee, knowledge and innovation. Their coffee is served at restaurants like Noma and Maaemo.

Before teaming up with Pocket, Alexander Flammier Muskaug has helped Tim Wendelboe building a strong, consistent brand with an international appeal. The webshop was made during his time as lead designer in Isobar Norway.

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We have worked with THE THIEF since it was a 10-centimetre slab of concrete on the banks of Oslo’s fjord. Now it is voted the best hotel in the world, stealing headlines in the New York Times and Monocle. The artwork in the hotel stretches from Peter Blake to Bryan Ferry, reflecting an ambition to create unique individual experiences for the guests rather than conveyor-belt luxury.

The overall media spend for THE THIEF? Zero NOK.
The overall media value? A lot.

Our work involvement stretches from A to Z. From writing the initial concept presentation and ideation – to understanding the digital consumer behaviour and building a high-converting online sales channel.


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New York Times - 15.01.14


Nordic Alpine

Necessity is the mother of invention. A futile search for our new studio work table meant that we ended up building one ourselves. The table is our most analogue creation to date, sculptured from recycled industrial building materials which we sourced in our local area. When we lost a pitch and found ourselves stranded with a redundant web domain we also recycled that for the table name: Nordic Alpine.

Robust as a mountain. Adaptable as water.
Clean as the autumn air. Captivating as a campfire.
The Basic elements made naturally simple.


Inch, an exclusive chain of hair salons in Oslo, ticked the boxes for luxury and style, but didn’t tickle a wide customer base. We wanted to focus on the salon’s talent and creativity as the key parameters for its exclusivity. Part of our solution was to team up with a hair product company to produce rich content for the Inch website, including bold, artistic images which tell the story of Inch without any excessive bling.

Vippetangen & Teknisk Museum

Oslo’s Vippetangen waterfront has an ideal city location but the space is populated by drab restaurants and dreary tourist joints. Together with Oslo’s Science Museum and a local transport organisation, we was asked to create a plan for redeveloping the waterfront to realise its neglected urban potential.

By moving the museum to Vippetangen we want to redefine the area as a hub of culture, playfulness and knowledge-sharing.


NORD Magazine

– If restaurant Noma is the Holy Grail of Nordic cuisine, the Nord Magazine is the Bible.

Nord is a contemporary, slightly rough magazine. The magazine focuses primarily on the Scandinavian kitchen and raw produce. It allows the reader to indulge and stay informed about everything interesting happening on the Nordic plate.

Our task was to give Nord new life and convert the reader to become a faithful subscriber. It included everything from extensive behavioural research and optimising of the consumer journey to translating the brand narrative into a tangible (and almost edible) digital experience. God apetitt!

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Being one of the most popular and exclusive spas in Sweden, Yasuragi didn’t need anyone to reinvent its brand. They needed somebody to turn that strong brand into an even stronger digital sales machine.

Our aim was to make every single part of the website measurable and more effective. We increased readability of the site, reduced loading times and cut down the number of steps in the purchasing process. Within four weeks, Yasuragi had a record turnover of 3/4 of the yearly estimate.


GreeNudge, an organisation championing research into sustainability and behavioural change, wants to incentivise consumers to go green. We produced a series of cases and initiatives for GreeNudge which explain how people’s everyday decisions - these little green nudges you make when you pick an energy-saving washing machine - make a difference to our planet. And to our wallets, which is something that resonates with the critical consumer.

Farris Bad

Farris Bad on the rocky shores of Larvik is the definition of luxurious spa relaxation. But relaxation can be a test for prudish Scandinavians. They need to know their way around before they test the waters, they need familiarity and they need trust. This starts from the moment they visit a website. We redesigned the website navigation for Farris Bad, we allowed the large pictures to tell the story and we provided clear calls-to-action which have accelerated conversions for the spa.