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Pocket is an independent agency founded back in 2009.
The world has changed a lot since then, so have we. Today, the mindset of the consumers, the market and the technology are in constant change, and it needs to reflect the way we collaborate with our clients. Traditional ad agencies haven’t understood this. They will tell you ‘everything is fine’ and ‘business as usual’– you just need to invest some more money in content.
Pocket thinks their rhetoric blows. Big time.
The question is not whether Pocket makes epic advertising, creative communication solutions, solid business strategy, newsworthy content for social media or sexy brand design (because we do) – but what type of communication mix is relevant for you and your brand.
Pocket exists to help our clients reach their goals, NOT to sell them the latest hype or a pre-paid solution. To us strategy is the allocation of effort, money and intangible assets towards one goal: Create value over time.
We like strong coffee, cold beer, loud music, competitive bowling and juicy burgers (not necessarily in that order).

Core beliefs 



Solid understanding.

Before we can make the right recommendations – we need to understand what ‘ticks’. It’s no longer enough to simply put your message in front of people and expect them to pay attention. We have to get closer. Closer in time, in space and in mind.



Smart thinking.

Advertising is not the starting-point of the process or the pivotal part of any communication answer. We strive to find better, faster and smarter ways to decipher the brief. Our recommendations reflect upon the initial challenge, not the latest hype or a pre-paid solution. 



Sexy wrapping.

Even the blandest of things should look better than ‘ok’. We belive in combining business, marketing and design into a holy triangle of visual oomph(!). A distinct, kick-ass visual builds stronger emotional bonds between people and brands.




Client Experience

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


Graahbakken 5A, 0286 Oslo

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